I asked some friends 9 questions about how they were making the best out of this current situation we find ourselves in, and here’s their answers. Now we have super-talented Jasmine…

Please tell us a little about yourself:

I love life! I love that I have been given a gift that I am fortunate to enjoy doing.

I design and make products of my choice and I’m in a position to share those gifts with others.

My current role is a designer-maker for a company I set up called Kin and Cloth. I also run creative after school workshops for primary school children.

Please complete the sentence. This is a challenging situation that we’re facing right now, but one positive I’m taking out of it is…

…that I have been given the time to make stock, find new ways to build the business by moving the workshops online and above all that I have that quiet time to ask God what he wants me to do.

Please complete the sentence. One thing I’d like to do/ learn during this season is…

…strengthen my relationship with my father and hear his words so clearly.

Also I want to build up a good foundation for the business, so that I am ready for when this season will pass and beyond.

What’s your happy song that always lifts your mood?

Too many to mention, but here are some:

Siriusmo – Liu

Chris Malinchak -Stranger

Chaka Khan – I know You, I live You

Mona Vale- Not Given Up

Friendly Fire – Live Those Days Tonight

What’s a movie/ TV series or podcast that you recommend people watch or listen to?

Again, too many to mention, however a more recent one was Harriet – she stood firm and listened to the most important voice that we could ever hear.

What’s one book you recommend people read?

Ooh, again too many to choose from, but here are two:

Sharon Prentis – Every Tribe

Ben Lindsay – We need to talk about race

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

By my grandfather – Even if you see someone doing you wrong, always do good (always show them kindness).

Let’s give a shout out to local businesses. When this is all over, what’s a local business you’d recommend people check out and why?

Well, besides the company I run Kin and Cloth, I give a shout to small shoe repair shops – those that offer ex-offenders a second chance.

The Canopy Market located in Kings Cross – because it has opened up the opportunity for many small businesses to trade.

And finally, what is your thank you message to those serving on the frontline. This includes: the medical profession, teachers, police officers, delivery workers, supermarket staff…

Where would we be without you?

They better give you a pay rise!

Thank you.

Thank you so much Jasmine!

Do you want to read more thank you messages?

Thank you from the public

Thank you from the public

Here are some of the lovely thank you messages that I’ve been receiving to share for the amazing keyworkers

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Thoughts from Linette

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Thoughts from Fari

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Please click here so that you can write your own thank you message to all of the amazing heroes serving our nation.



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