I asked some friends 9 questions about how they were making the best out of this current situation we find ourselves in, and here’s their answers. First up, it’s the lovely Andrea…

Please tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Andrea. I am South African but have chosen London as my home and have been living here with my husband since 2008. I am a mum of five crazy-cool kids and have an absolute passion for writing, which I do in various forms (along with some social media, marketing and communications) as a freelancer working from a home office (i.e. my lounge) amidst the chaos of life.

Please complete the sentence. This is a challenging situation that we’re facing right now, but one positive I’m taking out of it is…

…learning to give up control over that which I have no control.

Please complete the sentence. One thing I’d like to do/ learn during this season is…

…finish writing a book that I’ve been working on few the past few months.

What’s your happy song that always lifts your mood?

At the moment it’s Panic at the Disco’s High Hopes.

What’s a movie/ TV series or podcast that you recommend people watch or listen to?

I am an absolute film/TV fanatic so it’s tough to choose but one of my all-time favourite TV series is The Wire.

What’s one book you recommend people read?

Again, tough choice for me Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

“Not all who wander are lost.” JRR Tolkien

Let’s give a shout out to local businesses. When this is all over, what’s a local business you’d recommend people check out and why?

KidsArt! Art classes based in North Finchley, teaching both art and art appreciation. My girls have been doing art with Barbara for a few years now and they absolutely love it! What I like about it is that it gives them space to channel their creativity and also learn a bit about art and art history, too. I’ve recommended these classes to anyone’s who’s ever asked!

And finally, what is your thank you message to those serving on the frontline. This includes: the medical profession, teachers, police officers, delivery workers, supermarket staff…

Even as a writer it’s difficult to put gratitude into words, so I’ll go with a simple: “Thank you. Thank you for all you have sacrificed – sleep, sun, time with your children, dinner with your family, moments of peace; none of us could do any of it without you.”

Thank you so much Andrea!

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Thank you from the public

Thank you from the public

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Please click here so that you can write your own thank you message to all of the amazing heroes serving our nation.



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